Why oh why can’t I stop snacking!

I wrote the below yesterday but for some reason didn’t want to post it up straight away…

You may or not not know this…but I am currently losing weight with slimming world.
With the slimming world plan you can fill up on lots of free foods and then everything else has a syn value and you can have 5-15 syns a day.

I have been doing fairly well and just using my syns to add something extra to a meal or for a little treat…but occasionally I just have a snack and just can’t stop. This hasn’t only happened since I started slimming world and it is most likely the reason I now need to lose weight.

So today I was out of the office and ending up getting home early. It was too early to start cooking dinner so I through I would have a yoghurt and some snack a jacks as a snack while I caught up on some emails. But then I didn’t want to stop and had a little chocolate which is still had syns for and then another one…and then found myself picking at cereal from the box. And I don’t know why I wanted to or why I couldn’t stop. This all happened within about half an hour. By this point I felt really full and I didn’t need any food but I wanted some.

My conclusion is that I am bored. I did a quick google search on ‘how can I stop myself snacking’ and one article I read simply said if you are eating because you are bored then find something to do like read a book or write a blog. So here I am writing a blog post about the fact I have just eaten way to many syns…and I am just so disappointed in myself now because I did it the other day as well. I have probably gone over weekly syns as well now so I will probably put on weight at weigh in tomorrow night…and for nothing!!!

It frustrates me soooo much though as when it comes to my meals I can follow the plan really well and a lot of the time I have the will power to say no when someone offers around biscuits in the office. In fact today I wasn’t tempted by anything naughty…until this little episode. And it is so not worth the weight gain. I feel like crying that I may have ruined the weeks weight loss when there is absolutely no reason to have :(

So last night after writing this I did stop my self snacking. Just about. I still feel absolutely awful about it but as it hasn’t been the best week all round the best I can do is to head to weigh in tonight as normal and face the music. I know I can do it because I have been doing it for weeks…so I just need to cross this week off and start again next week.

Fingers crossed I can get back in the game and maybe even do a bit more exercise too…and if I can’t and want to snack then I will blog instead!!

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