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So last night I popped along to my Slimming World group ready to face the music…and the consequences of my uncontrollable snacking.

I was lucky. I stayed the same weight as the week before and I honestly feel like I have been given a second chase. Its like I’ve been told to put that week behind me and carry on. So I will be!

Our meeting yesterday was about using free food as the first choice for breakfast and not just relying on healthy extras. Now that isn’t a problem for me because I have taken the fruit and yoghurt approch to cereal. My issue however is that when I am having a good day my in between meals are fruit as well…which basically means I am having a hell of a lot of fruit.

When I was looking into why I had these bursts of uncontrolable sugar I read that if there is a lot of sugar in your diet you can crave sugar. Theres sugar in fruit…a good kind, but sugar none the less. So I got to thinking maybe if I didnt eat fruit all day at work maybe I wouldn’t still want sugary things at home of an evening.

Then when my Slimming World consultant began talking about using free food as a filling kick start to the day I wondered if I could control my snacking by having a better breakfast.

So this morning I got up a little earlier and made myself baked beans on 1 small toast and then only had 1/4 pink grapefruit to top it up with fruit rather than fruit being a whole meal.

I feel satisfied full now so fingers crossed this will stop me reaching for more until lunch. I have nice veggie soup and another small slice of bread for lunch and then a modest apple and clementine for the afternoon to keep me going until dinner.

I also did have a yoghurt with breakfast like usual so I can have after my dinner as a pudding…fingers crossed the snack monster doesn’t make an appearance today!

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