Utilising the slow cooker

Since I will be returning back to work very soon, I need to get organised when it comes to meal planning.

I will be out the house from 7.30am until around 5.30pm, and then there won’t be much time until we start getting Lara ready for bed. So I plan on utilising my slow cooker throughout the week to ensure I can still have a healthy on plan meal when time is limited.

I even read somewhere the other day (I can’t remember where sorry!) about preparing all the ingredients for a meal in advance, chucking it all in a bag and freezing it, then when required just popping it all in the slow cooker for the day. I think this is a brill idea. A bit of preparation in advance, about a minute in the morning to put it on and then boom your meal is done when you get home! Brilliant.

Now I know it’s probably not possible to prepare all slow cooker meals this way but simply using the slow cooker where I can for meals will be a massive help!

So for the next week I am collecting as many slow cooker recipe ideas I can find and starting my plan for the week I return to work!

Anyone got any recommendations? I would love to hear all your favourites and I will make sure I post about some of the yummy things I slow cook too!

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