Using Strava to track my run

Last time me and Lara popped into my office to see all my work friends, it was mentioned that they were all currently running (and or cycling) and were all using the app Strava to record the work outs.

I’ve used apps before to track runs, such as Runkeeper and Map My Run or I use my Garmin (when my running was at a level that seemed suitable for a Garmin) and I always enjoy having some stats to look at so I thought ‘Hey, why not join the cool kids at work and use there app’ so I downloaded Strava.

I’m not going to lie, I did feel a tiny bit intimidated by the app. In the description on the app store it said it was for athletes. Ha, so not me! But I went ahead anyway, quickly searched for and found my friends so that I could follow them.

And then the next morning I actually went on a run! Woooooooo!

As we were staying with family, Paul and I went on a run together. We were definitely running slower than Paul normally would and I felt I had to just keep casually mentioning how your body changes when you have a baby! haha (I conveniently didn’t point out about how being a lazy cow makes you a bit crap too). We only did 3.8km but I managed to actually keep running the whole time which felt good and it was lovely to be running somewhere else as well, in the lovely town of Melton Mowbray! :)

So here it is, the results of my run as tracked by Strava. I’ve decided I don’t care that it was short and slow because it’s better than nothing and still much better than when I started running the first time around!


Does anyone else use Strava? Or what apps do you use to track your workouts?

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