The Slippery Slope off the Slimming World Track

Thursday last week I was confident I could stay pretty much on plan for the weekend, despite the fact we were away Fri-Mon at my boyfriends Mom’s house. I knew a couple of meals wouldn’t be Slimming World friendly but I had a great positive attitude and was almost smug about my intentions of making sure all other meals and snacks were on plan.

Yeah, that never happened.

It just got worse and worse! Starting Friday with a couple of ciders in the pub and ending on Monday with Pizza Hut buffet and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s!! It was very very enjoyable but very very bad for my goal of losing weight!

Needless to say I am expecting a substantial gain once again on the scales this evening! Hopefully the fact that I have pledge to fess up on her to my weight changes each week will inspire me to put it behind me and keep going back on plan.

Was it worth it?…Nope! I enjoyed it all at the time but now I feel sluggish, fat and disappointed in myself! Sigh. I will move on and keep going…starting with making a meal plan for next week!

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