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Guilty Pleasure – #BEDM

Topic: It’s Bank Holiday Monday in the UK. So share with us what your favourite guilty pleasures are. When I thought ‘Guilty Pleasures’ 2 types of things popped into my head. Music guilty pleasures and food guilty pleasures. So I thought I would stick with those and here I have listed 5 (ish) of each. […]

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Adventure – #BEDM

Topic: Share a story, tell us what adventure means to you, interpret creatively. I refuse to fail my #BEDM challenge on only day 2. But I have to admit this topic is one I hadn’t already started to draft and last night I was sooooooooo tired after work I just couldn’t force my eyes to […]

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Introduce Yourself – #BEDM

I am doing Blog Everyday in May again!! The lovely Elizabeth at Rosalilium started Blog Everyday in May a few years ago and it’s a great way to get bloggers posting regularly, helping fight bloggers block and getting bloggers socialising and finding lots of new blogs to follow! The concept is this…for every day in […]

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Go Green – #BEDM

Topic: Talk about being green, eco-friendly or ethical. What do you do to make a difference? I like to think I do my bit when it comes to ‘being green’ – but I can honestly say it isn’t something I actively try to improve on. Though I know I definitely should! But day to day […]

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Collecting – #BEDM

Topics:Are you a collector? Maybe a bit of a hoarder? Tell us about something you like to collect. Or if you favour minimalism, perhaps tell us why? I don’t actively collect anything really and I wouldn’t say I am a hoarder…but neither does my house shout minimalist either. Hummm My problem (well maybe not really […]

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Book Love – #BEDM

Topic: Tell us about your favourite book. Or maybe give us a top 5 of the books that changed your life. I have read LOADS of books…but I don’t think I have a favourite one. And I am sorry to say that the books I have read are not gritty, or interlectual in anyway. When […]

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Travel Dreams – #BEDM

Topic: If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would it be? Although I do love holidays and trips, traveling has never really been a great dream for me. I am a rather timid traveler, and the fear of not being able to communicate fully with people due to language barriers probably […]

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Favourite Social Media Channel – #BEDM

Topic: Are you a Twitter-lover? Or maybe you can’t get enough of Pinterest? Do you need to share every meal on Instagram? Do you waste away the hours watching Youtube? Or Facebook is your comfort zone? Tell us about your favourite social media channel and why. Am I allowed to have them all as my […]

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Summary of Week 1 – #BEDM

I’m am very proud that I have managed to blog at least once a day for the last week and it’s all thanks to the Blog Every Day in May challenge. If you don’t know what the challenge is, head on over to Rosalilium and have a read. You can check out all the other […]

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