Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes

While I have been on maternity leave, lunch is probably the meal I have struggled with most to keep on plan. I’m not sure entirely why because when I was at work I often just had leftovers from the night before for lunch, but for some reason I don’t seem to save leftovers now. There isn’t any leftovers. Maybe I’m eating too much at dinner!

Anyway because of the lack of leftovers I am left to create something from scratch for lunch times. Now generally this isn’t a difficult task but for some reason as lunch time approached there just always seemed to be too much baby stuff to do so I couldn’t stand a prepare lunch. Lara would need feeding as soon as I got bacon under the grill. Or she would just constantly moan for attention as I started slicing my cucumber and it generally started stressing me out a little bit. (I mean no it didn’t being a Mom is great and everything is rosie!)

As Lara got a bit older things did start to calm down. She fed less and I learn’t when she was just moaning for attention and that it was ok not to drop everything and run to her if there wasn’t anything actually wrong. So I was able to put more attention into lunch time again! Yay!

My favourite is to have breakfast for lunch. Sausage (low fat synned ones), bacon, beans and scrambled egg. Followed by some fruit for speed of course. Or of course the classic Jacket Potato…which finally leads me on to this…my first go at doing jackets in the slow cooker!

I have read many slightly different ways to do them. Some including rubbing oil on them which I don’t want because I’m on Slimming world, and some that said put salt on them which I also don’t want because I would give Lara some to eat as well. Some said to wrap in foil and some didn’t but I chose to wrap because it just seems right to me.

In the end I went very basic and just scrubbed, pricked with a fork, sprayed some fry light onto foil, wrapped them up and popped them in the slow cooked on high. I put them in on high at about 8.15am to eat at 12.30. (baby needs allowing)

And I am really happy with how they turned out! Maybe a tiny bit over cooked but delicious all the same! I ate mine with tuna and sweetcorn!

What are your tips for easy lunchtime meals?

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