Slimming World Weigh In – 22/04/15

I am over the moon!…I lost 7lb!!

I’ve worked hard for it, but didn’t expect a loss that big!

I have been on plan 100%. I walked loads while car was in the garage, I ran twice this weekend, I planned all my meals, I’ve been using the water balance app to make sure I’m drinking enough water and I have tracked everything on the Slimming World online Meal Planner.

It’s so encouraging and I am feeling so ready to keep it up next week! Although I would be happy with any loss I do have a mini goal of 2.5lb. That would take me back to the weight I was when I got my 1/2 stone award first time around and I want to deserve my certificate and sticker again! :)

Weight pic -7

I am out for a friends birthday on Saturday night and we are going to Miller and Carter. So meal will be steak or gammon with the most slimming friendly side. Me and my friends never seem to order desserts when we go out so that won’t tempt me and I’m not a big drinker now so I won’t have alcohol syns either. So shouldn’t be too much of a hit to the diet! And I don’t think there is anything else this week that will test my will power so fingers crossed for another good one!

Who else has weighed in for this week? How did you do?

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