Slimming World Update – Post Holiday Edition

Needless to say I gained weight during my holiday week(s)…I wasn’t as crazy as I could have been but I still put on 4lb’s.

It was ok. I could handle that. Although it meant I was now half a stone away from target again – I was focused, relaxed and ready to get back too it…until the weather got the better of me!

This passed week I have been feeling so hot and uncomfortable I haven’t really felt like eating meals, let alone cooking them and with the best intentions plus a lot of fruit and yogurt I did try…but once again the snacking got the best of me. Sigh. The result? A stayed the same.

Not exactly the ‘banish the holiday weight before it sticks’ result I was hoping for…but you know what? It isn’t the end of the world!

Luckily I have been keeping my body magic up through it all so I am now on week 2 of working towards my Gold Award! I am sure all this activity has been helping with some damage limitation and keeping it up and getting back on plan is my main focus this week.

I will be thinking ahead with a variety of free food snacks for when I’m too hot for a big meal and I plan on using my syns in more ways this week too. I don’t want to just use them for chocolate, I want to use them to help me make it through the day with controlled mini meals. So this will be having cereal and a piece of toast etc..

Fingers crossed for a good week and that I can keep my head in the game!

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