Self Care Sunday – #BEDM

Unless I’ve been a bit silly and missed it, there wasn’t a topic prompt to go with today title. (Was there?)

So I am going to use this title to talk a bit about how I am starting to look after myself again now. (Caring for my self)

My care has been given completely to Lara for the first months of her life. She needed her Mommy and I was there. But when you rarely to have a shower without an audience (or don’t get round to having the shower at all!) it is easy to stop showing yourself any care as well.

So as the months went on and we became comfortable with our new situation as a family it was time to focus on me again as well! And a key thing for me was to lose the weight I had gained in pregnancy and try and get back to my target weight with Slimming World, and generally feel healthier! I over the last couple of months I have really managed to get my ‘food optimising’ head back on. You can read my Slimming World posts here.

Another thing was to start running again so I could get some exercise and slowly over the last few weeks I have started running again and improving my fitness! (I post about exercise too sometimes here!)

Other things I have started doing to care for my self again include; Shaving my legs more, buying some new make up and actually using it and getting a proper haircut again!


What do you do to show yourself some love?


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