Secret Talent – #BEDM

Topic: What are you good at that nobody knows about? Tell us all about it.

I am pretty certain I have no secret talents. I don’t even have any special talents which are not a secret!

In the last month I have really got into blogging with the help of the Blog Every Day in May challenge, and I have increased my bloglovin followers and I have been getting lots of lovely comments on my posts too…so I would like to think I have a talent for blogging. I know blogging is essentially just writing down your thought…but I think I can do it well enough to call it a talent! haha.

But, my blog is a secret. I have not yet told my family and friends about my blog. I’m not sure they would be interested really, but mostly I haven’t told them because I am embarrassed about them reading it. I am not embarrassed by what I have written, but I don’t like too much attention on me. Sometimes I think they may not understand why I am writing this blog and most of them probably wouldn’t ‘get’ blogging anyway but I just don’t want them to start asking too many questions about why I am doing it. If they think I write about silly things then they wouldn’t have to read. I don’t think I would mind at all if they found out and read it, but I don’t fancy posting it on Facebook or declaring to everyone ‘Read my blog!’

Do your friends about family know about and read your blog? Are you glad they do? or is your blog a secret too?

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3 Responses to Secret Talent – #BEDM

  1. Eilidh May 28, 2013 at 6:55 pm #

    This exactly my view on my blog – haven’t told my family because it’d be embarrassing for them to read it! Gary kind of knows, but no details. It wouldn’t interest him anyway. Xo

    • Sarah May 29, 2013 at 3:51 pm #

      Yeah Paul knows about mine, but doesn’t really care. He does find it amusing when I am taking pics of the inside of the fridge though! :)

  2. Sarah May 29, 2013 at 3:54 pm #

    It’s a lovely idea for communicating with people close to you in that kind of situation. It’s very personal when used like a diary of sorts. But I know what you mean about people on Facebook…I don’t know why I read about the lives of people who were at my school, even when I wasn’t even friends with them at school!

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