Returning to blogging…again!

Well hello there!

Is anyone there? I can’t blame you if your not…its been a very long time!

I have decided to get back into blogging…once again! Since I’ve been away there is one major thing in my life that has changed…

I am now a Mommy!! (Well a Mummy but I’m a Brummie and we tend to say Mommy!)

About a month after my last post I was over the moon to find out I was pregnant with my first child and on 10th August 2014 at exactly 3.30pm I gave birth to the most beautiful little girl in the world and we named her Lara. :) 


Lara is now very nearly 8 months old. I am going back to work in just over a weeks time. And suddenly I fancy blogging…anyone would think you have spare time being a parent! hahaha

So anyway I am putting it out there. I am back in the world of blogging. I will still be posting about any of the random things I fancy including all about my slimming journey with Slimming world and now of course I can add in a few baby related posts too! Woooooo!

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