Random facts about me

* I can’t eat peas they make me sick
* I like watching TV a lot
* I have silly wavy frizzy hair
* I really want a Macbook but still not entirely sure it’s worth the money
* I am a fussy eater
* I love drinking hot drinks
* and I like em in a massive mug
* I love cold drinks too
* I love chocolate, sweets and cakes and I don’t seem to have the off switch most people get when they start feeling sick – I just keep going
* I want to be able to call myself a runner – but I don’t think I am good enough…yet
* I can be really lazy and struggle to find motivation for things like washing up!
* I don’t mind a bit of mess…probably because I am lazy
* I like my legs – but not my belly!
* I officially prefer staying in than going out…am I old?
* I binge eat when I am stressed or bored.
* I am interested in web design…but never do enough
* I do only 2 different types of washes – Light and Dark…I can’t manage any more!
* Sometimes I want to work freelance – but not sure it’s right for me.
* I spend too much of my work day sneakily on twitter or bloglovin or writing blog posts!
* I am writing this on an afternoon – at work

So there you have it. Some random facts about me.

I love reading these kinds of posts on other peoples blogs so if you have written one post the link in the comments so I can have a read!

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