The pain of an unexpected weight gain

So once again it has been a while since I have written a blog post. In all honestly I am not sure what exactly drained my motivation. It may have been nothing and I was just being lazy and uncreative.

This post is going to jump straight back into diet mode.

I still haven’t reached target! I get so close and then without fail I ruin it! This time around it was unexpected and I have no idea why it happened.

I was 1/2 a lb away from my target weight. I knew I had a couple of challenges in the next week, but with some damage limitation I could lose 1/2lb surely?

Well no. No I couldn’t. Skip to the next Wednesday weigh in and my body decided it was going to gain weight. A lot of weight.

There I was, about to get on the scales and nervous in case I hadn’t done quite enough and had stayed the same.

As the screen settled on my weight, my jaw dropped. I just stared for a while trying to work out what it meant….It meant I had put on 3.5lb in a week.

I swiftly left the room and ran to the toilets where I cried my eyes out for a little while. What had happened??

My consultant was very very nice to me about it and explained that sometimes these things happen. She said perhaps my body was fighting an illness I didn’t know about and was reserving it’s energy. I really hoped that was the case.

I thought back to everything I had eaten in the week. It wasn’t at all near perfect. But it didn’t warrant a gain of that size.

There were a couple of ways the next week could go. I could stay upset and comfort eat excessive amounts. I could carry on as normal and see what happened. Or I could assume the weight would drop straight back of and not really try anymore.

In the end I did a bit of everything. I started the week with a positive frame of mind and the determination to be perfect. That lasted about 3 days. Then the cracks started to appear.

I ate more than the one small sliver of my sisters birthday cake, than I said I would and I picked at the pizza on the birthday buffet. Then the next day I answered the call of the ‘tuck shop draw’ at work…twice. And the day after that I picked at everything we had in the house when I got home from work.

The Result…I had lost 1lb. Still I loss so I am happy but what would have happened if I had kept to the diet perfectly this week? Would I have lost the unexpected gain? Or at least lost a bit more than that, which comes after a great week? Who knows!

I am determined to stay on plan this week and make a dent in the 3lb I now have to lose before target. And this time I will not start going the wrong way again!!

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2 Responses to The pain of an unexpected weight gain

  1. Nics Notebook September 30, 2013 at 3:49 pm #

    Oh nooo how awful – I think sometimes the more we worry about it the harder it is & we almost rebel and just eat rubbish. I have just signed up to Laura’s Super Conscious Living Guide (£4.99 ends today I think) and there is a really friendly & supportive Facebook page along with it – hoping it will help me get more healthy with my eating…


    • Sarah October 1, 2013 at 11:42 am #

      Yeah that definitely happens at times! That sounds like a good programme – good luck with it! :)

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