Our first week

That it. Our first week is complete. I have been back at work for 5 whole days while Lara has been having great fun at nursery. Here’s a little summary of how it’s been.

Monday: We did it. We got out the house on time. We were both dressed, I had my food for work in my bag and Lara’s spare clothes in her bag and I managed to drop her off at nursery and get to work on time. Preparing as much as I could the night before definitely helped! I was worried dropping Lara off. Would she be upset? Would I cry?

She wasn’t bothered in the slightest and didn’t look as me as I walked out the door. I was a bit emotional about leaving her and having our daily life changed dramatically…but her attitude to nursery made it all easier and I didn’t actually cry. I did phone the nursery at 10.30 to see how she was and she was fast asleep. OK for some!

When I picked her up she smiled when she saw me which was amazing…however she did seem particularly bothered about coming home, she would have happily just stayed and played.

Tuesday: It is still going well. This morning I even had time have a coffee before getting Lara up and dressed. #win

Once again Lara is not upset at all by being left at nursery and by all accounts she has a great day. Her nursery keyworker said ‘she is such a happy baby’. I’m so glad she is loving it!!


The picture they took at nursery for Lara’s pump bag


Wednesday: Running slightly again this morning. Lara was a bit unsettled in the night so I think I was just generally slower moving today. But still I get to work on time, so our routine looks like it will stick. Lara still happily goes straight down on the playmat at nursery and is unaffect as I leave. Once again I am very relieved this new change isn’t upsetting her in any way…but I can’t help think ‘hey you could a little care a little that you won’t be spending the day with mommy!’.

Being back at work is starting to catch up with me now and I am very tired Wed night…but still make it to my Slimming World group to get weighed :)

Thursday: Lara was rather unsettled again in the night and we were up for a couple of hours. I am feeling very very tired now. I don’t care if it makes me late I just need coffee this morning. In the end I wasn’t late but I did forget to put any make up on! Major fail. Lara is absolutely fine again when I drop her off.

When I pick her up however…she has only slept about 30 mins in the morning and despite drifting off in someones arms she would wake up when put down in the afternoon and get a bit teary. She is very tired.

A super quick get ready for bed when we get in and the fight to get her to sleep starts. There is a LOT of screaming and singing of twinkle twinkle. I can tell she is very overtired…but is there more? Is it because of her runny nose? (the reason we think she has had some unsettled nights) Or is it teething? Its very similar crying and screaming behaviour to the week when her first teeth came through. Oh please no, I can’t take that again when I am already this tired and have to go to work!

Friday: Last night improved luckily. Lara woke up and around 10 for a feed and went back down, unfortunately she woke up again just before 12 and there was more crying and screaming! But she did manage to get back to sleep at around 12.30 and she then slept until 5.50 when she started stirring for a feed again! Plus she went back down after feed while I got ready. :)

When I dropped her at nursery I got massive smiles as I waved good bye. I like to think that means she was saying ‘bye mommy have a great day at work. I will have fun at nursery and be looking forward to our cuddles tonight’…rather than ‘Yay so happy that you are going now’ hahaha.

When I picked her up she gave me a massive smile but she wasn’t quite herself. Her keyworker said she was thinking it was teething as well, red cheeks, dribble, runny nose, sore bum, all the signs are there! Let’s just hope it’s a bit easier for her getting her next ones!

All in all I would say it’s been a very good first week for us. It could have been a lot more challenging and emotional but we both handled it well. I think we have made the right decision!

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