One Whole Month! – #BEDM

Topic: Hoorah! Well done, you have made it through the month. How was it for you? Did you learn anything? What did you enjoy? What did you dislike? Sum it all up!

First of all I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Elizabeth from Rosalilum for being a fab host and creating this challenge. I am really proud of myself for completing it and there were only a couple of little slip ups where I missed days, but I made sure I still caught up and posted the topic!

I would also like to say thank you to all the lovely new readers and followers who have come to my blog through this challenge. The lovely comments have really helped keep me going…and I am sure they will keep me going passed this challenge too!

My favourite thing from the challenge was simply the motivation and encouragement to work on my blog. The topics were brill for making me think about different areas I can explore with my blogging and different ways I can portray my thoughts and opinion. I have loved the #BEDM community and I have found sooooo many new blogs to follow and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all there posts and keeping up with them on this journey too!

I hoped you have all enjoyed reading my Blog Every Day in May posts and I hope you will continue to enjoy reading in June when I am out on my own again! I don’t think I will be posting quite everyday, but I am determined to keep posting regularly and continuing to grow this little blog of mine!

Thanks everyone once again…and what’s the next challenge?

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