National Stress Awareness Day – #BEDN

Topic: How do you deal with stress? Or maybe you don’t?

This post is a day late. I’m sorry, I had a pretty mad Wednesday!

I actually made some notes for a ‘how to de-stress’ post months ago as I was going through a pretty stressful time. Luckily I didn’t post about it then, so I can share my list of thing I am doing/or will try to do to feel less stressed.

  • Have a day or week off work!
  • Plan my time
  • Learn to say no to people
  • Set priorities and work on tasks in order
  • Don’t let life outside of work stress me out. Make sure I do something fun of a weekend
  • Try not to let it sabotage my diet – as that makes me even more upset and stressed!
  • Use exercise as an energy release.
  • Give yoga and meditation a try

How do you relax and not let day to day events stress you out?

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