It’s Just A Little Scratch!

Oh no I damaged the car!

Is it just me or are the ramps in multi storey car parks getting narrower? Or perhaps I’m not quite used to my new bigger car yet (we’ve had it almost a year!).

Whatever the reason after a lovely day out in Cheltenham with my friends I managed to catch the back of the passenger side on the wall as I calm down the ramp. I am so angry at myself. I really thought I was a decent driver and not the kind of person to do this. But well in reality this isn’t the only thing i’ve done to this car. I may have taken half the paint off a post in Asda car park with the front passenger corner too. Ooooops. Maybe I am ‘that’ driver. Sad Face.

So I have spent the whole morning today (Thursday 9th) popping into lots of garages/bodyshops getting quotes for the work and keeping my fingers crossed it won’t be so pricey I have to go through my insurance and that they can do the work next week before I go back to work!

Luckily I have managed to find a garage I like to do the work at a reasonable price and they can do it over a couple of days next week. And he even said he will polish up the bit at the front to get rid of the rest of the red paint from Asda as well. I am choosing to look at that as a silver lining and hope I can put this all behind me…without too much ridicule from my boyfriend! (Once he got over being angry he moved straight on to taking the p***.)

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2 Responses to It’s Just A Little Scratch!

  1. Nics Notebook April 12, 2015 at 12:28 pm #

    SNAP!! I crashed into 2 different posts twice in one week (last week). Gutted was not the word. Never had an accident in 14 years of driving and then THAT!!! Mine’s a bit worse than yours though…. still need to get some repair quotes. Eeeek.

    • Sarah April 12, 2015 at 12:31 pm #

      Noway!!! I hope the quotes to get yours done isn’t too bad! So annoying isn’t it?!

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