Introduce Yourself – #BEDM

I am doing Blog Everyday in May again!!

The lovely Elizabeth at Rosalilium started Blog Everyday in May a few years ago and it’s a great way to get bloggers posting regularly, helping fight bloggers block and getting bloggers socialising and finding lots of new blogs to follow!

The concept is this…for every day in my we have been set a topic to write about. We can interpret the topics how we wish or even ignore the topic all together and write something else. But we aim to post each day. Simple.

So on to today’s topic…

Tell us a bit about yourself. It could be a list of 10 surprising things about you. Or perhaps a short video intro. Or even a why you are getting involved in the challenge.

For this topic I am going to take the opportunity to introduce the ‘new’ me. The me that is a Mommy.

For those new to my blog (Heeeeeeyyyy so glad you stopped by) approximately 8 1/2 months ago I became a Mother. I gave birth to the most amazing beautiful little girl called Lara and she is my favouritist thing in the whole wide world. She makes me smile and my heart melt constantly. I didn’t know it was possible to feel so protective, so proud and so in love. She has changed me.

I am now a person who will do anything for my daughter.

I can now function on very little sleep.

I can (kind of) sleep with a small person tucked into my arm.

I can sleep sitting up in a chair.

I can sleep while breastfeeding.

And I can give up my sleep whenever I am needed.

I can do almost anything one handed with holding a baby in the other.

I can play ‘peek a boo’ constantly for 15 minutes.

I can sing twinkle twinkle on a loop for an hour if need be until calm and sleep arrives.

I am happy to express milk 7 times a day (and at night) to build my supply so we could carry on breastfeeding.

I am happy to cook veg and fruit purees from scratch for her first tastes.

I am happy to learn more of the words to nursery rhymes so my repertoire doesn’t get boring.

I am happy to go back to work full time because we have decided that is what’s best for our family long term.

I am happy to never have a lie in – even at the weekend.

I am happy to wash my hands hundreds of times a day

I am happy to always have something dirty on my clothes.

I can buy nothing new for myself for months because money is tight on maternity pay. And I am not bothered by that.

I can say no to a night out so I don’t miss bedtime and the first night feed. (It’s easy I’m too tired to go anyway)

I can have big dreams for someone now.


 I am so happy being a Mommy!

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2 Responses to Introduce Yourself – #BEDM

  1. Jane May 2, 2015 at 12:06 am #

    What a lovely post! It sounds as though your little girl is lucky to have you :)

    I’m joining in with BEDM too, so I’ll look forward to reading the rest of your posts!


    • Sarah May 2, 2015 at 6:58 am #

      Thanks Jane! Will make sure I will head over to your blog and have a read!

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