I want…

As we established the other day I am now on a much tighter budget at home. But that still doesn’t stop me thinking about all the lovely things I would want to buy is money wasn’t a issue. I can dream can’t I?

Here is my ‘I want…’ list containing both things which one day I may realistically be able to get and others which will never happen (in no specific order)!

  • A nice big new build detached house (that looks like the ones you draw when you are a kid with the door in the middle and windows either side)
  • Really cool climbing frame and play equipment in the garden of new house for Lara (I work for a toy company so this one is doable with a discount if I ever have a garden big enough and the spare cash)
  • A dark grey Range Rover Evoque

Pic taken from zombiedrive.com

  • A fancy DSLR camera
  • A wardrobe which doesn’t consist of mostly items from New Look and Primark
  • I would like my new house to have a kitchen with an island
  • Lots of fancy gadgets in my kitchen including a pastel green Kitchenaid and various other matching products if available

I’m sure there are lots of other things which I want from time to time, but these are all things I think about fairly often! haha!

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