I fancied a treat…so brought an iPad.

Well it wasn’t that much of a rushed decision. I have wanted one for ages (I want a MacBook too but won’t be getting that too soon!) but out it off because of the cost. I also wasn’t sure how much I would use it, but that’s silly as it has barely left my hand since I got it. In the end though, there were a few things I was going to buy and I just thought instead of those and with my birthday money I could just take the plunge and get an iPad. So I did and it is my new favouritist thing ever! Woop

Image from the Apple Website – I have the white one!

Everything I used to read/watch/write on my phone is 20 times better on my ipad. I have used it for YouTube, twitter, looking up and following recipes, web searches on everything and now blogging again too. Fab just fab.
I the week since I got it, I have started blogging again, started using twitter again, watched loads more YouTube and actually stopped to have a lunch break because I can go on the iPad instead of my laptop so I don’t see work emails coming through!
I am sure many of you have iPads or other tablets, so let me know what you love best about yours and any apps you would recommend!

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