I am now a Slimming World member

I have been on a ‘diet’ for probably around 6 years…in that time my weight has come down and gone back up multiple times.

That is because I am a binge eater and I love naughty food. I am also a fussy eater so struggle to find lots of normal healthy food to eat instead.

About 5 weeks ago I decided I wanted to properly get back to losing weight and to really get my head in the game I needed a new plan to follow…just so I was actively thinking about it.

So my sister and I joined Slimming World and I love it.

I love the fact there is a plan called Extra Easy…I like easy.
I love that there is such a lot of information around about the plan.
I love that there is so much support available in group, online and on forums.
I love the fact that you are rewarded for your hard work, not just by being healthier and slimmer but also with nice little shiny stickers for different achievements.
I also love the fact that I have already lost 1 stone and am back down to my lowest again for a long time.

Now the hard part begins…it is at this point I usually begin to go the other way. This time I will not. I can’t…because I have just wrote on here that I won’t.

I will say at this point that my weight loss journey is not a far as some people’s…but it is taking me a very long time.

When you first join slimming world they work out your 1st goal which is 10% off your current weight. I am now just 4lb away from this goal…and I am very eager to get there (and further)

And this is where you join me I have a 1 stone loss already in the bag, I am 4lb away from my goal 10 and although I have not yet decided on my final goal I know I am well on the way!


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