Help me find the motivation to run!

Remember when I used to be a fairly frequent runner and I ran a half marathon? No me neither.

After the half marathon I gave myself a couple of weeks of running, then I got pregnant and had zero energy and felt sick all the time and the last thing on my mind was running. When that passed it had been so long I had just kind of lost all motivation.

It’s always been the same with me. Once I am out running I love it, but I still find it really hard to actually get out of the house!

Once Lara came along (after I had recovered from the birth and got used to the lack of sleep) I still couldn’t get motivated. It genuinely is hard to find the time as I would need to be ready to go once she was fed but she feeds on demand so I would never have an exact time to go. And obviously it would have to be with Lara’s dad was at home. But with all the night feeds I don’t fancy going first thing and then after Lara is in bed it seems to late and I’m exhausted. And will be more so possibly when back at work!

So I’ve decided I am happy to just run at the weekend – anything is better than nothing exercise wise. But I have still only been on 3 runs since Lara was born. Since that half marathon a year and a half ago. Sigh.

What I need is something to give me a kick up the bum (obviously the weight on the scales isn’t enough!). I need to rediscover all the other fab things about running. Can you help me?

What are you favourite things about running or exercise in general? What helps you stay motivated?

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