Getting my plan on with my Erin Condren Life Planner

I have been back at work a while now. I won’t lie it’s taken a while to get fully back into the swing of things and get my grove back.

It’s been a learning curve to add my new Mommy life into my work/life balance and recently I have been feeling a bit scatter brained and disorganised. So I decided I needed a new organiser/planner to keep everything on track.

I have had a filofax before that I tried for work but didn’t really get on with it so for work I mostly just use my outlook calendar and a classic to do list. But I’ve never really had a diary for personal life that has stuck.

Then @planwithjade popped up on my Instagram with a picture of her planner as she was using stickers to decorate the pages and it got my attention! So the research began and I started reading about different kinds of planners.

Turns out there is a whole world of planner addicts out there that I had no idea about. People devote lots of time to decorating their planners. Not just to look good, but to make them super functional and designed around their lives. It sounded like just what I needed.

If you know anything about this world of planning you will know it didn’t take long for me to come across the Erin Condren Life Planner. I saw it. I wanted it. I convinced myself I needed it.

The layout and possibilities to make it all that I needed was too much for me and despite it costing more than I would expect for a planner and with shipping on top. I couldn’t stop myself wanting that.

And then @planwithjade popped up on Instagram again and she had just received her new Erin Condren Life Planner. I was instantly jealous. It was at this point she offered me her referral link which would give me $10 off! (Such an enabler! :) ) That was it – I was getting one!

I ordered that night and a week and a day later and my vertical life planner with customised cover had made it’s way all the way from Erin Condren in California to my home in Birmingham!

And here it is!


It’s so pretty


and motivational! :)


During the time it took to make and ship my planner I started looking into all the functional stickers and ways to customise to make it fit my life. I decided fairly quickly to make my own stickers to print out at home so they could be just what I needed.

This has been my first full week with my planner and it looks like this…(I had the week off work so no work things in there)


Not the prettiest but it’s my first go! Excuse the handwriting it’s terrible.

Throughout this week I have been able to get a better idea of what I need in my planner. Such as a way to track my Slimming World efforts and make sure I am drinking enough water, and setting myself goals like doing some exercise! So I kept designing more stickers (which I will start using next week!) and I got thinking, ‘maybe other people could use these stickers and trackers in their planners too?’…

So I have started an Etsy shop!! Amazing what you can do with a week off work and a rest! At the time of writing this the shop has 6 listings which are all for downloads you can print at home. They are designed to the measurements for the Erin Condren vertical layout, but they can be used in many other planners and diaries. So far there is a slimming tracker for those following Slimming World, A slimming goals stickers for the sidebar, both daily and weekly hydrate water intake trackers, colour boxes in different sizes and headers for the sections (all in coordinating colours). If you would like to take a look please head over there now!

There is so many more on my to do list to add to the shop. The majority of which is things I have decided I want in my own planner! And I also plan on making some full sheet planner printables for those who which to build there own planner or add sections to a binder planner.

I am so excited to keep making these and I really hope they help people out in their planner organisation/decorating! I also have separate Twitter and Instagram accounts for the shop @slapsnapetsy and I would love a follow if you are interested!

I will now include Planning/my Etsy shop as new topics for this blog so I hope there are some of you out their that will enjoy reading!

If you like the look of the Erin Condren Life Planner…then you should definitely get one!! You can get $10 off using my referral link here (I will get $10 credit too).

Happy Planning!

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