Getting Appy

I have written before about how much I love my new iPad and how much it inspired me to get back into blogging. So I thought I would share the apps which get used the most!
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  • Evernote – I used this for all my blogging ideas and posts in there first draft form. I can save web links and pics and notes as and when I think of them…and they sync with all my devices and computer.
  • WordPress – I often copy my draft posts straight out of Evernote and into the WordPress app. I am on a laptop all day at work so when I am at home I don’t always want to go back on. So I just sue my iPad and I can finish posts, add a pic and publish posts using the WordPress app.

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  • Dropbox – I use this to share pictures for my blog between my phone/iPad/computer really easily
  • Twitter – because who doesn’t need to go on twitter multiple times each day? Although maybe I should be using Hootsuite or something instead?

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  • Youtube – same as twitter really need to keep up to date with all the channels I subscribe too!
  • Camera – for taking pictures, for blog and otherwise.
  • Instagram – for making them pretty and looking at other peoples pretty pictures
  • Safari – The thing I do most in my browser is read all the blogs I love in bloglovin…or just general google searches when required! I don’t like the Blogloving app because I like to actually visit the blog and see the whole site :)
I’m not big on games so I will download one occassionally have a little play, get bored, stop and never go back to it so it will end up being deleted.
What are your favourite apps? Any you would recommend?

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