Finding ways to cut back and save

So I’m back at work and it’s not so terrible and Lara seems to be enjoying nursery! Yay!

Which also means I am now paying nursery fees! It’s not a small amount.

We sat down a little while ago and updated our ‘household budget’ spreadsheet and it wasn’t pretty. We can manage just about but it’s much tighter than we are used to. I don’t think we realised how comfortable we were before!

So in order to improve the picture we are trying to find ways to cut back and save.

Picture by patpitchaya source:

Picture by patpitchaya source:

I think there is more I can do to cut the food shop such as take leftovers for lunch, buy meat to freeze when it’s on offer and plan meals so that some ingredients can be used in more than one meal so there is less wastage…but do you have any more tips on cutting the food shop budget?

Sometimes it feels like buying all the fruit and veg costs more, I’m not sure really, but its soooo worth it to eat healthier…and when I get back to target I wont need to pay at Slimming World any more! I shop at Aldi sometimes for veg but I won’t be able to get there as often now, but there is a Lidl by work. Do any of you shop at Lidl? What’s it like for fruit and veg?

We have also cut down our virgin media package as we didn’t watch a lot of the channels and we also have Netflix (I can’t get rid of Netflix I love it too much) and a little while ago we brought our phone handsets outright so now we are on small monthly contacts with Tesco which works out much cheaper over the 2 years you usually have a phone contract for, so I am happy with that.

But what else can we do?

I changed our energy supplier before Lara was born and we should be using less now we aren’t at home in the day during the week so maybe that will come down a little bit too.

I do feel there is probably more we can do though? Anyone have any ideas and top tips? :)

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2 Responses to Finding ways to cut back and save

  1. Nics Notebook April 22, 2015 at 10:39 am #

    We have friends who are expecting a baby – they have worked it out it is cheaper for one of them to give up work to look after the baby rather than pay nursery fees! Shocking! Gary used to be a manager in Lidl – the fruit & veg can be hit & miss, depending on the store’s standards – pretty much needs to be used up within a couple of days of buying. I love Aldi & Lidl though as a lot cheaper but I tend to pop in 2-3 times a week to stock up on fresh things. I’ve also heard about apps etc that you can track your spending on/set budgets for different areas – I think I need that too! I’m also useless at meal planning so need to get on track with that! x

    • Sarah April 24, 2015 at 8:33 am #

      Yeah we looked into if it was worth one of us not working as well but we are (slightly) better off this way. Plus if I had a few years out of work until Lara went to nursery I wouldn’t be able to get a position like mine now and I’d be starting again so in the long run this is better.
      oooo I may have to find out those apps and give one a go!

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