Diet Update

Since my uncontrollable snacking made a return I did gain weight. Over 2 weeks I put on 4lb.

I was most disappointed that I couldn’t even stay at my club 10 weight for a week, let alone just get that extra 1lb off to get to my first target.
Anyhow – I found the group talk at Slimming World really motivating that week and I was determined to get back to it and get losing again. I wrote down all the things which were making me eat the naughties (hunger isn’t one of them) and I also wrote down what I was going to do to stop this.
Some of these things included:
  • Take a time out and relax – listen to music, close eyes and just stop my brain thinking too much when I am stressed.
  • Do something/anything different – preferably sit ups!
  • Plan all my meals and syn controlled snacks to make sure I am constantly thinking in ‘Food Optimising’ mode.
  • Confide in a colleague at work that I am doing slimming world and struggling with snacks at the moment, and ask then to support me, and get me to think twice before heading for the tuck shop.
  • Don’t get mad at Paul when he asks if I should be eating that. I asked him to be supportive and he knows how much I want to lose the last bit of weight, so he is just trying to help me make the right choices. Its not fair to snap at him.
I did them all…and it seems to have worked! I got weighed on Wednesday night and I have lost 2lb so I have got rid of half what I found. AND I am having another great week so far too. Just another 2lb and I will be back on track, back at club 10 goal and back to only 1lb from my first personal target.
This is still showing when I log into the website - I want to deserve it again!

This is still showing when I log into the website – I want to deserve it again!

I will worry about that 1lb and how many more after that when I get there!

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