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Slimming World Weigh in 29/03/15

Another -1lb lost this week. A tiny bit disappointed as I was hoping for 2.5 (to get back to the weight I originally was when I got my half stone award) but I know that it’s still a step in the right direction so I’m happy! Plus after such a big loss last week I […]

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A little Sunday Summary

Hi Everyone! Being back at work has meant I haven’t spent as long blogging this week! Therefore I don’t have a fresh post today So I have decided to do a little Sunday Summary post to go over a few post I have done since I started blogging again a couple of weeks ago! I […]

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Preparing for work

The day is looming. The day I go back to work. I need to remember how to get myself ready early of a morning and I need to learn how to do it at the same time as getting a little person ready as well. Eek. There are a few things I am planning to […]

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Help me find the motivation to run!

Remember when I used to be a fairly frequent runner and I ran a half marathon? No me neither. After the half marathon I gave myself a couple of weeks of running, then I got pregnant and had zero energy and felt sick all the time and the last thing on my mind was running. […]

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Things I learnt at Birmingham Blognix

Yesterday was a day I have looking forward to for a few weeks now. It was the day of Birmingham Blognix! Although I was very nervous about not knowing anyone I was also really excited!! And I didn’t need to worry as everyone was lovely! My first challenge of the day was getting my cake […]

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