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Well wasn’t I lucky!! – Slimming World

So last night I popped along to my Slimming World group ready to face the music…and the consequences of my uncontrollable snacking. I was lucky. I stayed the same weight as the week before and I honestly feel like I have been given a second chase. Its like I’ve been told to put that week […]

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Why oh why can’t I stop snacking!

I wrote the below yesterday but for some reason didn’t want to post it up straight away… You may or not not know this…but I am currently losing weight with slimming world. With the slimming world plan you can fill up on lots of free foods and then everything else has a syn value and […]

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I am now a Slimming World member

I have been on a ‘diet’ for probably around 6 years…in that time my weight has come down and gone back up multiple times. That is because I am a binge eater and I love naughty food. I am also a fussy eater so struggle to find lots of normal healthy food to eat instead. […]

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