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The pain of an unexpected weight gain

So once again it has been a while since I have written a blog post. In all honestly I am not sure what exactly drained my motivation. It may have been nothing and I was just being lazy and uncreative. This post is going to jump straight back into diet mode. I still haven’t reached […]

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It’s a Pancake, but not as we know it!

While browsing the internet and looking through blogs I came across something rather interesting. A 2 ingredient pancake, which is nice and healthy. Unfortunately, I can’t actually remember where I read about it, but a quick google shows that there are many posts and articles about them! I am always trying to be healthy – […]

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I am getting the hang of this exercise thing

Yep I really am. In the last 3 weeks I have really upped my exercise game! Despite eating loads and not losing weight I have been exercising! I have been jogging more. I have done my exercise DVD’s more and I have worked out alongside Paul when he does his weights. (obviously my weights are […]

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Diet Update

Since my¬†uncontrollable¬†snacking made a return I did gain weight. Over 2 weeks I put on 4lb. I was most disappointed that I couldn’t even stay at my club 10 weight for a week, let alone just get that extra 1lb off to get to my first target. Anyhow – I found the group talk at […]

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Snacks, snacks and more snacks!

I warn you now, this is a bit of a venting post. I just needed to get all this down to help put it into prospective. I’m struggling again with my diet. 2 weeks ago I hit my club 10 goal at Slimming World, which is losing 10% body weight. But I didn’t even have […]

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