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Using Strava to track my run

Last time me and Lara popped into my office to see all my work friends, it was mentioned that they were all currently running (and or cycling) and were all using the app Strava to record the work outs. I’ve used apps before to track runs, such as Runkeeper and Map My Run or I […]

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I’m running the Birmingham Half Marathon

I think I have definitely caught the running bug – I have signed up to do the Birmingham Half Marathon again! I have been getting into running recently and although I wasn’t putting pressure on myself to achieve anything other than ‘try to run regularly’, I started seeing myself improve – and then I proved […]

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It’s very early and I’m running in shorts

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s rather hot here in the UK at the moment! The sunny weather is wonderful, it puts people in a good mood, we can wear pretty light floaty clothes, drink pimms and eat ice cream, but the downside…it makes even the mildest of exercise a lot harder and you sweat…a […]

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My running goal is simple…just keep it up!

Although every time I go for a run I am glad I did, I have still been struggling to find the motivation to actually get up and do it. In my head I come up with all sorts of silly excuses. ‘What if I want to workout after work instead?’ – Never going happen, after […]

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Am I am runner yet?

A couple of days ago I blogged about getting into exercise. One of the things I have been doing is going for a jog. I want to be the kind of person how loves going for a run. and I want to look good doing it. I go through phases with it and it is […]

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