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Blog Chat – #BEDN

Topic:Talk about Blogging. What do you love about it? What drives you mad about it? Do you have any brilliant Blogging tips you can share with your readers? Any lessons learned? Any resources? For years and years I have loved reading blogs. Lifestyle blogs, fashions blogs, beauty blogs, food blogs, tech blogs…any blogs! So I […]

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Bonfire Night – #BEDN

Topic:  Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot… tonight is Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night. What will you be doing tonight? Bonfire? Fireworks? Apple Bobbing? Toasting Marshmallows?   In also honesty I am doing absolutely nothing but getting in my PJ’s and watching TV tonight. But I did enjoy some fireworks […]

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Food Glorious Food – #BEDN

It’s our fuel, it’s a social bond and for many of us it’s a happy place. Today we celebrate food. I have struggled with what to write with this one. I am not a foodie at all. The only thing I make is cakes or boring standard dinners. So I have no amazing creation to […]

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Light – #BEDN

Topic: Happy Diwali! It’s the Hindu festival of lights. Whether you are Hindu or not, let’s think about light. Definition: light1 [lahyt] Show IPA noun, adjective, light·er, light·est, verb, light·ed or lit, light·ing. noun 1. something that makes things visible or affords illumination: All colors depend on light. 2. Physics. a. Also called luminous energy, radiant […]

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Something you made – #BEDN

Topic: Share something you made – it can be a craft, a recipe, your latest DIY attempt, your babies, a home remedy or even you local community group. Interpret any way you like! In case you missed it, it was Halloween on Thursday. So I decided to join the masses and make some Halloween cupcakes! I […]

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Introductions – #BEDN

Topic:Welcome to BEDN! You are aiming to Blog Every Single Day in November. So introduce yourself to fellow BEDN-ers and maybe tell your long time readers something new. Let’s get to know you! Hello readers and follow BEDN-ers! Welcome to Slapsnap. My name is Sarah and this is my blog about pretty much whatever I […]

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