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Introduce Yourself – #BEDM

I am doing Blog Everyday in May again!! The lovely Elizabeth at Rosalilium started Blog Everyday in May a few years ago and it’s a great way to get bloggers posting regularly, helping fight bloggers block and getting bloggers socialising and finding lots of new blogs to follow! The concept is this…for every day in […]

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Songs my baby seems to likeĀ 

I think every new Mom, perhaps during an ‘I will do anything to try and make this crying stop’ moment, has played their baby music. Babies seem to like music. It can calm them when they are screaming and it can make them dance when they are bored! The days often feel very long when […]

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Our first week

That it. Our first week is complete. I have been back at work for 5 whole days while Lara has been having great fun at nursery. Here’s a little summary of how it’s been. Monday: We did it. We got out the house on time. We were both dressed, I had my food for work […]

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Can you say ‘Mama’?

I am a Mother. No, even when I write it down formally on this blog it still doesn’t feel entirely real. My 8 month old daughter Lara is tucked up in her cot bed in the next room as I type this. Every so often I hear her stir and make a little noise and […]

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Returning to blogging…again!

Well hello there! Is anyone there? I can’t blame you if your not…its been a very long time! I have decided to get back into blogging…once again! Since I’ve been away there is one major thing in my life that has changed… I am now a Mommy!! (Well a Mummy but I’m a Brummie and […]

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