Can you believe it? I did it again!

Yep I did. I completely disappeared from blog land again. I didn’t even finished BEDM first!!

Didn’t last long that time did it? Think it will last longer this time?…

I really hope so!

Want to hear my excuse?

Well I think the main factor was that going back to work after my maternity leave was hard work! I went straight back to full time and it was tiring. Lara has only recently started sleeping through on a regular basis (very recently) so all I wanted to do after work once she was in bed as chill and go to bed early as I knew I would be up again in a few hours and I had work the next day. So opening up my Macbook to write just wasn’t at the top of my list. I didn’t have the brain power!

So this post is to simply say ‘Hello again’ (if anyone is still there), and ‘I hope to write to you again very soon’ :)


Here is me playing Mini Golf!

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