Can I run fast? – My first go at interval training

So this morning was the day I decided to spice up my morning run and try adding some intervals.

I had read bits and pieces about interval training and it seemed that a good distance was 400m. I had no idea how far that was, but there is a nice path at the top of my local park which seemed like a good place for this so I went on mapmyrun to measure it and it was almost 400m! So I decided that would do perfectly.

I also had no idea how fast I should run the fast parts. I read about running them a bit quicker than race pace…but I don’t have a desired race pace. I am just happy to improve slowly. As my regular pace is more of a jog/shuffle than a run anyway, I just went with what felt like ‘running’ to me. I also have nothing to measure it with so don’t actually know how quick it was!

So my run this morning went like this, casual jog to the top of the park. This is about 1.5k I think and includes a pretty big hill. When I got to the park path I slowed right down to almost a walk to get my breathing down after the hill. When I reached the other side of the path I turned round and RAN all the way back, then turned round again and jogged across again…the you guessed it…turned around and RAN across again! I had only planned to do that much today so then I headed back home, but I was so out of breath I had to walk a bit to recover. Once like I could breathe again I just jogged home.

I did have the nike+ going on my iPod, but as it doesn’t have GPS just a pedometer, it didn’t track well at all. In fact there was only one kind of spike in speed on its recording and although it was pretty early this morning I am sure I ran 2 of them! Maybe I should just get a stop watch to time and just look at maps online.

Does this seem like an ok approach to interval training? My goal is to just improve both my speed and distance, so just trying to do a bit of everything.

I plan on doing the same thing on Thursday and hopefully it will be a bit easier, then next week try to do 3 runs across rather than 2 and keep increasing each week.

Do you do interval training? Can you offer any guidance?

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2 Responses to Can I run fast? – My first go at interval training

  1. Saskia June 26, 2013 at 9:42 am #

    I’ve not been running for weeks sadly, but I intended to start interval trainings a few weeks ago as well. It sounds lika an okay training, but I have no knowledge in it whatsoever :-) Keep up the good work, seems like you’re doing a good job!

    • Sarah June 26, 2013 at 11:55 am #

      Thank you! I just keep thinking even if its not perfect…its better than nothing! Let me know if you do start up some interval stuff!

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