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Topic:Talk about Blogging. What do you love about it? What drives you mad about it? Do you have any brilliant Blogging tips you can share with your readers? Any lessons learned? Any resources?

For years and years I have loved reading blogs. Lifestyle blogs, fashions blogs, beauty blogs, food blogs, tech blogs…any blogs!

So I wanted my own and slapsnap v1 was born. I didn’t have any confidence in what I was writing and I found myself trying to do what others were doing rather than my own ideas. Just in case no-one wanted to read it. Eventually I stopped blogging and it had been so long I didn’t think I could carry on!

I kept reading them though and earlier this year I decided to start again. I wiped slapsnap and started again! I don’t put pressure on myself to blog, I don’t try and do only what other bloggers are doing, and I write things I want to write. I still think about what people will want to read though…so I try to write my posts in a fun friendly informal way! I really hope you like reading! :)

I go through fazes with how much I put into my blog. I do want to get very organised and make a regular plan for what and when I blog, but sometimes it starts to feel too much like work and less like a hobby for me. I don’t want it to not be fun!

I think the thing I struggle with most is imagery for my posts. I’m not a photographer (I would love to have that skill) and I don’t have a fancy camera. And I am really bad at remembering to take pics of interesting things! I am working on that though…my new phone with a camera that actually works will help with that I hope!

I enjoying looking through blogging tips and charts on Pinterest for inspiration (I love Pinterest!) and I have a ‘blogging’ bored where I keep what I find. You can see it here.


I have enjoyed reading other peoples ‘blog chat’ posts today. I realise I am not alone when it comes to bloggers block and hesitations when posting and I have picked up lots of tips too! Thanks everyone!

Please feel free to leave ur links below, I would love to read your posts of blogging!

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