‘But the baby flab hangs over!’ – Shopping for post baby work clothes

So as you know (because I haven’t stopped going on about it) I started back at work last week after maternity leave. This was painful for a number of reasons. Leaving my daughter at nursery during the day, actually having to do work…and having to find clothes to wear to work!

Most of my pre-baby work clothes were either already scruffy, stretched in the early stages of pregnancy or won’t fit over the left over baby belly. So I had to do some shopping.

With no spare money at all I had to just try and buy a few pieces to keep me going to start with and they had to be cheap. So most of it came from Primark!

I got plain vests and T-shirts, cardigans to layer over, blouses, patterned tops and jeans.

Image from jokideo.com

The experience was frankly awful. All the tops I had to buy in a size or 2 larger than before so that they didn’t cling to my belly and show off my muffin top…and I definitely do have muffin top because buying jeans was ridiculous! If I tried on a size which properly did up over my belly they were so big on the rest of me that I had a baggy bum and ‘puffy’ thighs where there was so much extra material. The alternative was a size which fits my legs and bum perfectly but it tight around middle so the belly oozes out over the top. So I chose to have the muffin top and use the big tops to cover it up.

The shopping experience was definitely added motivation to keep up with slimming world and loose the weight again!

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