About Me

Hello Readers!

My name is Sarah. I am a 28 years old and this blog is about my general day to day life. What I get up to, my daugther Lara and our adventures, my thoughts, my journey getting back to target weight with Slimming World and anything else I think of to write about. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy.

I work as an eCommerce and Online Marketing Manager for a toy company and I am a fan of the internet in general.

I suspect I watch too much TV, I read LOADS of blogs and I love a good read to…as long as it’s cheesy and girly!

Welcome to my blog, every reader is hugely important to me and I hope you will find my posts entertaining, information and fun!

Love Sarah.



I have recently made the decision to add both ads and affiliate links to the site. I will monitor these closely to make sure they are not intrusive to my readers, annoying or inappropriate.

My hope is that when I post about products or services which I have tried and love, my readers will be able to easily follow these links to find out more and purchase if they wish. If an order is placed after clicking from my site, I will receive a small commission.

If an ad is clicked on this blog, then I will receive a small amount because the advertiser pays for each click.

Don’t worry though – this blog is still primarily a place for me to share what is going on in my life and things which interest me. Writing posts is my main priority :)

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