A Slimming Update – Up and Down, Up and Down

Well as the title says my weight is still up and down! Since having Lara I just don’t seem to be able to stay on plan consistently to get back to target.

I have a few good weeks and then let it slip and it slowly (or not slowly at all) it creeps back on!

It can be really frustrating because sometimes I don’t understand why my wish to lose weight doesn’t win over the desire to eat junk food! 

Do I really want this junk binge more than being back at target? Well apparently so because I am still eating! 

And there are so many other reasons against eating bad (less energy, bad skin, tummy troubles)…yet when the time comes I don’t remember all this. All I can think is ‘I want to eat all of it!!!’


And so the struggle continues and I shall keep you all posted. Luckily I am in a really positive mood and fingers crossed weigh in on Wednesday will bring my 3rd loss in a row!

My goal for September is to lose 7lb…I’m currently at 3.5lb down! I can do this!

I also set myself goals to drink more water and start doing exercise again. Water drinking is going well and I ran 4 times last week. I was off work though so I need to make sure I fit it in when at work as well!!

Extra motivation for me this week is using my slimming tracker stickers I designed for my Etsy shop and keeping track of my healthy extras and syns each day in my Erin Condren Planner.

If your interested in the planner stickers you can find them in my shop here.

Will update will my weigh in result in Wednesday! 

Have a good healthy week everyone!


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