A day off with a Man of Steel…oh and pizza

On Friday I had a day off!

This hasn’t happened to me for a while. It was ace.

Me and Paul wanted a day off together. A day to spend quality time together and relax. (I’ve been rather stressed and snappy lately)

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And with Paul being a Superman fan (geek) one thing that was definitely on our itinerary was going to watch Man of Steel!!

It was brilliant! It was hard to know what to expect and it was a very hyped up film…but it was worth the hype! (In my opinion anyway!)

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Then the we decided to do something we haven’t done for ages because of my healthy eating…we went for a Pizza Hut Buffet!

I was really looking forward to the Pizza as it is my favourite food and I haven’t had a proper one in sooooo long…but you know what? I was rather underwhelmed with it. I think the main reason is that when we got there, there was no deep pan margarita available, only thin crust. I only eat good old plain cheese and tomato and in my mind I don’t understand why thin crust exists when you can have deep pan! So although it tasted lovely, it was exactly what I wanted and as it was such a treat day and day off from the diet I wanted it to be perfect.

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Then just as I thought I was full…they brought out deep pan!! So I HAD to have a bit more!!

But then I felt guilty about how much I had eaten. I’ve been struggling to keep losing recently anyway, so I felt a bit like I was going backwards…and it wasn’t worth it!

But Hey Ho…onward we go!

Then I just wanted to carry on the relaxing day – so the rest of our day off included. Watching more Game of Thrones and other TV shows I needed to catch up on and a nice long soak in the bath with a good book!

I think I was in desperate need of a proper day off, as I have been so stressed at work lately. It seems to have worked though because I am much calmer so far this week! – What I really need though is a whole week off…and luckily I have one of those booked for the 1st week in July so not long now!

I feel I got a bit too worked up about the Pizza…does anyone else have such strong feelings about thin crust/deep pan? :)

And has anyone else seen Man of Steel? Did you love it or were you disappointed?

P.s sorry for the lack of photos, I just kept forgetting to take any that day!

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2 Responses to A day off with a Man of Steel…oh and pizza

  1. Eilidh June 23, 2013 at 11:33 am #

    Oh no, thin crust all the way!! Xo

    • Sarah June 24, 2013 at 9:07 am #

      haha in that case its good they make something for everyone!

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