Our first week

That it. Our first week is complete. I have been back at work for 5 whole days while Lara has been having great fun at nursery. Here’s a little summary of how it’s been. Monday: We did it. We got out the house on time. We were both dressed, I had my food for work […]

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I want…

As we established the other day I am now on a much tighter budget at home. But that still doesn’t stop me thinking about all the lovely things I would want to buy is money wasn’t a issue. I can dream can’t I? Here is my ‘I want…’ list containing both things which one day […]

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Slimming World Weigh In – 22/04/15

I am over the moon!…I lost 7lb!! I’ve worked hard for it, but didn’t expect a loss that big! I have been on plan 100%. I walked loads while car was in the garage, I ran twice this weekend, I planned all my meals, I’ve been using the water balance app to make sure I’m […]

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Finding ways to cut back and save

So I’m back at work and it’s not so terrible and Lara seems to be enjoying nursery! Yay! Which also means I am now paying nursery fees! It’s not a small amount. We sat down a little while ago and updated our ‘household budget’ spreadsheet and it wasn’t pretty. We can manage just about but […]

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I’m watching Daredevil

Recently a new series has come onto Netflix and me and Paul can’t stop watching it! Have you watched Daredevil yet? Based on the comic book by Marvel, the series follows the life of Matt Murdock. A blind lawyer with super heightened senses, who, dressed all in black with a mask, tries to stamp out […]

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Instagram steals my time

Do you have one app on your phone that you use more than any other? The one that whenever you have a spare 30 seconds you quickly load up to check?…for me, it’s Instagram! I love it. I just love it. I think I am just nosy and just like getting a peak into other […]

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A weekend away in Melton Mowbray

Last weekend me and my little family packed up the car and went to visit Paul’s Mom and her partner in Melton Mowbray. It’s always lovely to go and visit them and it’s the second time we have been with Lara and she really makes family time extra fun! I’m sure all parents will relate […]

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Using Strava to track my run

Last time me and Lara popped into my office to see all my work friends, it was mentioned that they were all currently running (and or cycling) and were all using the app Strava to record the work outs. I’ve used apps before to track runs, such as Runkeeper and Map My Run or I […]

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Preparing for work

The day is looming. The day I go back to work. I need to remember how to get myself ready early of a morning and I need to learn how to do it at the same time as getting a little person ready as well. Eek. There are a few things I am planning to […]

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