Can you believe it? I did it again!

Yep I did. I completely disappeared from blog land again. I didn’t even finished BEDM first!! Didn’t last long that time did it? Think it will last longer this time?… I really hope so! Want to hear my excuse? Well I think the main factor was that going back to work after my maternity leave […]

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Guilty Pleasure – #BEDM

Topic: It’s Bank Holiday Monday in the UK. So share with us what your favourite guilty pleasures are. When I thought ‘Guilty Pleasures’ 2 types of things popped into my head. Music guilty pleasures and food guilty pleasures. So I thought I would stick with those and here I have listed 5 (ish) of each. […]

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Adventure – #BEDM

Topic: Share a story, tell us what adventure means to you, interpret creatively. I refuse to fail my #BEDM challenge on only day 2. But I have to admit this topic is one I hadn’t already started to draft and last night I was sooooooooo tired after work I just couldn’t force my eyes to […]

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Introduce Yourself – #BEDM

I am doing Blog Everyday in May again!! The lovely Elizabeth at Rosalilium started Blog Everyday in May a few years ago and it’s a great way to get bloggers posting regularly, helping fight bloggers block and getting bloggers socialising and finding lots of new blogs to follow! The concept is this…for every day in […]

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Slimming World Weigh in 29/03/15

Another -1lb lost this week. A tiny bit disappointed as I was hoping for 2.5 (to get back to the weight I originally was when I got my half stone award) but I know that it’s still a step in the right direction so I’m happy! Plus after such a big loss last week I […]

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Songs my baby seems to likeĀ 

I think every new Mom, perhaps during an ‘I will do anything to try and make this crying stop’ moment, has played their baby music. Babies seem to like music. It can calm them when they are screaming and it can make them dance when they are bored! The days often feel very long when […]

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